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Ty Lucero


 He had a passion for music that started at the young age of 10 and as the years went by, TyLu followed a long path that led him in many directions. One thing he did well was write. He wrote songs for himself as well as other artists in his small town of Olympia, Wa. But he was slapped with reality every time he had to perform. It was during these performances he discovered his love for music didn’t carry on to the stage.

Determined to do what he loved, he continued to struggle with this.

   Around 2005 TyLu purchased a keyboard on clearance at a local store with no real intension of using it, however he couldn’t help but to attempt to play in his spare time. With no money or knowledge on how to translate his sounds into a real production, he soon gave up and continued writing and rapping.

    Eventually 2015 came and TyLu was now in his 30’s. He had to be realistic with himself and his goals. He was no rapper but he did have an ear for music, so he studied the entire year. Everything that had to do with music production was much more easily obtainable in 2015. On January 1st 2016 he opened his online store, selling beats in as little as 2 weeks. He was already more successful in 2 weeks than he was in the past 10 years.

    Its a no brainer, he finally found his calling.




Rachel Lucero


Rachel Lucero
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